So many roads, many choices.

Signals, parking lots.

Seat belt, grocery, medicine, beer, and we are home.

As if on our HOME page.

For so many of us.

For folks in Chandigarh who write codedesign screens, validate products, manage projects, or lead a project team: Your “home” is the “Home” page but for tomorrow (09 Feb), “EDC” is your landing page.

Because all roads lead to the EDC Building, IT Park, Chandigarh.

Time to reset your metadata…

Wonder what are the five most important words in your metadata? Family, Car, Code, Cash, Vitamins?

Chance for you to reset it for a day. Here is the www for the choices.

Your *Home* page stays same of course. EDC as your landing page for a day can change things quickly. For betterMaybe forever.