Do You Remember Names of Your First Friends?

I cannot recall their names. However, for a conference, their first friends are their sponsors. This email is dedicated to say special thank you to our sponsors so far: PaaniShoutlo, and EDC (SPIC India)

In 2010, I visited Delhi for STC India Annual Conference and I metLarry Kunz. He is my first conference friend, and I am living many such lifetime conference relationships. I even interviewed Larry in my series where I host guests. Larry was working with SDL Corp that time and I entered into SDL network as well. Massive gains. Thanks Larry. 🙂

OUTCOME gives you a chance to find your own Larry. A Suresh? Or a Sakshi?


If you own products or product teams, OUTCOME is all about designing sale-sable and sustainable products. On top of that, it is about collaborations, co-selling, co-designing, and co-enjoying.

The first steps of success stories just happen over a random coffee; 09 Feb 2019 can be your day.

Be there. And, tickets are available at early bird pricing, for limited seats.