We had an incredible experience at the Outcome 2021.

A Miro Board: For the right audience experience

Your Registration Includes

Day 1: This is for you if you register for the in-person workshops that we are hosting in the EDC Building, IT Park, Chandigarh. See the Outcome 2021 venue to know about its location. The workshop schedule is coming up soon.

Day 2: You get:

A series of virtual talks by international speakers on a variety of topics that are relevant to our work. It includes talks on design systems, systems and standards for product success, research methods and insights, connecting design and tech, product content strategy for product success, and more.

What it means: Discuss how some of our friends and leaders design their teams, processes, workflow, and result.

Ask direct questions: Share your experiences and some of these stay with us for life.

Chance to make friends, find leads, or business opportunities.

A Miro board where you can share your takeaways, pin your pictures, join us for the contests, and be with us for the holistic conference experience.

A CoC in place to help you with a safe, friendly, and inclusive conference experience

A dedicated and exclusive space for sponsors who showcase their work, products, service

Code of Conduct

Outcome 2021 has a Code of Conduct for your reference for a safe and friendly conference experience.I am so proud to share that the past Outcome conferences in 2019 and 2020 were an all-inclusive and friendly experience for all the participants.



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