Founders Invest. Managers Lead. Engineers Deliver.

And we all sweat.

For the random leads. Qualified leads. For customers on trial. Paying customers. And for High-Expectation Customers (HXC)?

“The HXC needs to be a person who others aspire to emulate because they see them as clever, judicious and insightful.” as Julie Upan says in this First Round Review post.

Join us at the OUTCOME to discuss, unlearn, and relearn how we as project manager and product owners should align the product roadmap with the customer journey that is NOT linear anymore. 

Project Management and OUTCOME, a UX Design Conference in Chandigarh


Some of the best UX design minds in Chandigarh are speaking at the OUTCOME. The conference program looks as if 09 Feb should be a full-day learning experience for anyone working in product design teams.

The conference tickets pixel is on your screen now, drag it to your seat in the EDC building. 09 Feb.