Pace Layer Mapping

Pace Layer Mapping builds a common artefact that helps show:

  • the confidence we have in research insights;
  • what we need to do to increase that confidence; and
  • how stable those research results are over time. It allows the whole team—researchers, product managers, and engineers—to come together around research insights and methods.

Your key takeaways are:

  • A process and template to help make different kinds of research more visible inside your organisation.
  • A tool to help professional researchers, people who do research, and non-researchers align over what research activities are needed to help drive the best product decisions for the organisation.
  • An example of how an artefact evolved over time to meet the different needs
Outcome 2021 Speakers: Adrian Howard speaking at the product content strategy and product UX conference.

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The Outcome 2021 program is carefully curated to have a wide perspective on how others’ work impacts our work, which means how everyone’s work contributes to the product goals. We have in-person workshops for the local audience, and a series of online talks on product UX, product content strategy, design systems, systems and standards, design and technology, research and workflow, all geared towards the product

When and where?

Outcome 2021 is coming to you on 11-12 February.

11 February 2021: In-person workshops at the EDC Building, IT Park Chandigarh

12 February 2021: Talks in an online conference

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