Make your own rules: Systems and standards for product success

The success of any digital product depends on answers to hundreds of questions. How will you create the best experience for customers? What platform will deliver the experience? What does it look like? How will content design and strategy contribute? How will brand and marketing efforts support the work? What systems are in place to build on? And what systems and rules do we need to build? This talk will guide us to set up systems and standards for success.

Your key takeaways are:

Think systems: Systems thinking, an awareness of the systems and standards that help make all digital experiences, helps us create successful products for customers.

Make systems: We can create systems (such as design systems and voice and tone guidelines) that reflect our product vision and help us achieve it.

Document systems: Our work is surrounded by standards. Write them down and share them when you can. Understand them, and shape them to make things better.

Michael’s references

Content Needs Design Systems; Design Systems Need Content webinar (video, watch it from 05:10 onwards)

Content: The Next Big Thing for Design Systems (blog post)

Outcome 2021 Speakers: Michael Haggerty-Villa is speaking at the product content strategy and product UX conference.

Design Systems Manager at Intuit, design systems, design, and systems.

The Outcome 2021 program is carefully curated to have a wide perspective on how others’ work impacts our work, which means how everyone’s work contributes to the product goals. We have in-person workshops for the local audience, and a series of online talks on product UX, product content strategy, design systems, systems and standards, design and technology, research and workflow, all geared towards the product

When and where?

Outcome 2021 is coming to you on 11-12 February.

11 February 2021: In-person workshops at the EDC Building, IT Park Chandigarh

12 February 2021: Talks in an online conference

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