Most often, you can design a pickup delivery experience directly on sketches, mockups, and code. Startups do that and it works fairly well – they rinse and repeat.

However, you cannot design a complex B2B product without some models to build on the system. So, you cannot design an Elante following the same process (and groundwork, planning, and focus) as you will do for an average-size shop in the market.

Christina Wodtke is my friend, she has written this excellent piece on mental models, concept modelsconcept maps, and adjacent confusions – Five Models for Making Sense of Complex Systems.

This post opened new doors for me when I worked on a complex CRM product based in Florida.

OUTCOME is an extension of all our learnings so far – by me, AbhayBhavishRajeshAlok, and by the participants.

Be there to reset our understanding of models. You may replicate these in your designs. Our UX design conference happens on 09 Feb, in EDC, IT Park, Chandigarh.