We all design.

UXer’s design the experience. Programmers write their code for a design.

UI designers give branding to the design. PM’s design the success of a design.

Founders design the goals.

Yet, so many designs are poor. Products shut down.

Or, even reasonably good designs do not sell.

This is because the *Sales* and *Design* teams do not collaborate enough. This is what I wrote a few months back in my blog post – Design for Sales, and Selling the Design.

By chance, Intercom published the same message today – *Alignment between sales and product“.

Are you designing just for designing OR to ensure that it sells well?

Join us at the OUTCOME to share your thoughts and learn others’.

I asked a question yesterday – what will product teams do with the idea validation or funds if they do not design the products that are desirable, sale-able, scale-able, and sustainable.

And I got one reply. Anyone else? OR, your ticket can open the gate for many more answers. Ask yourself.