Invariably, the customer is the hero of the brand story. While using an Uber or while doing an online transaction via PayTm, we are the heroes for Uber and Paytm respectively.

While writing code, or designing a mockup, or writing user stories as a PM, how do you keep the hero in your mind?

In my interview with Teodora Petkovva, I digger deeper into designing for heroes.

In the OUTCOME Conference:

  • Abhay Vohra shares practical and real-life experiences how you keep that OUTCOME in mind and design backward for the hero.
  • Bhavish Sood explains how we can get rid of the bumpy road for the hero, for right packaging in the right fonts, for hero’s journey.
  • Alok Diwan connects you with hero’s psychology
  • Rajesh Khurana helps us validate whether we are envisioning right hero, for the right purpose.

Can you ask for more in an interactive and knowledge-packed day on Product UX Design, in Chandigarh?

See what is at stake!.

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