Missed validations trouble us.

We fix the code. We update how the faceted search works for ecommerce filters. We reset API calls.

Timely fixes act as vitamins. These really accelerate product growth.

We strive to prevent such instances where we identify issues and then fix these.

The Search code is saved in 5 different versions in our Git, and the naming conventions, comments, and pressure to use the right version – are saved in so many minds.

Another option is – Design Vaccination.

Yes, we can prevent by getting our designs vaccinated in time, to prevent. Vaccination costs, but it saves even more, later. We learn by writing code certainly, from YouTube videos, from peers and managers, and from our own experience.


OUTCOME – our UX Design Conference can be the right vaccination for you. 

Timely. 09 Feb. EDC Building. Chandigarh.