Switch off the Light!

Will you please switch off the lights before you read further?

Fifteen years back, we could see the negatives of our pictures… to develop these into pictures. To see our outline in the negative was a bit of fun. No?

Digital does not allow us to see the negatives anymore but negatives are still there

See the frames and we can see these – for those who do not dare enough to take a chance to develop these into positives.

Developing negatives into positives: OUTCOME, a UX Design Conference, Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg.

Three days to the OUTCOME, and you got a chance to develop these into the album. An album that may get attached to your resume or to your LinkedIn. A frame each for you – <<First Name>>!


Let me tell you a few interesting facts:

Dave Ladouceur (of Life.ai) has asked me twice for how the OUTCOME audience looks like? For volume and for profiles – because he wants to attend or even discuss virtually. Can you believe it?
Two more friends – Jess Sand (worked with Facebook very early and later with GoPro) and David Drysdale has offered me twice to present virtually. Not for me of course. But for you.

Should I invite them to present to the negatives that we are reluctant to develop?

I know it is a little dark (why I should buy the ticket) but it is good because photos develop in the darkness. Your ticket to OUTCOME may switch on the lightand you have the positives.