Meet the Speakers

Ekaterina Kuskova is a product designer within the love of working closely with developers, business analytics, and researchers’ teams so that we create product that users love. An advocate of user-centered approach with CJM, JTBD, Design Sprint frameworks, at the moment EKaterina is working at Omio. For the last 2 years, Ekaterina worked side-by-side with more than 10 different Product Managers within 8 different teams.

About Ekaterine's Talk

Connecting Design and Tech

Nowadays designers are strictly required to communicate with customers and business. Instruments and tools at our disposal are allowing us to do so easily. But there is one thing which is not being highlighted and yet is very important – how designers communicate with people doing direct implementation of design ideas – developers. 

Here we will delve into a common overview of tools and techniques allowing design teams to collaborate with devs in a most efficient way and deliver amazing results together.

Your key takeaways are:

  • Don’t be afraid to share your Designs
  • Collaborate and try Design Sprint framework
  • Arrange Design Bug-Bash – scan the “body” of your product
Outcome 2021 Speakers: Ekaterina Kuskova speaking at the product content strategy and product UX conference.

Ekaterine Kuskova

Snr. Product Designer, 7+ experience in Product companies

The Outcome 2021 program is carefully curated to have a wide perspective on how others’ work impacts our work, which means how everyone’s work contributes to the product goals. We have in-person workshops for the local audience, and a series of online talks on product UX, product content strategy, design systems, systems and standards, design and technology, research and workflow, all geared towards the product

When and where?

Outcome 2021 is coming to you on 11-12 February.

11 February 2021: In-person workshops at the EDC Building, IT Park Chandigarh, workshop proposals are closed now. This is not recorded for online audience.

12 February 2021: Talks in an online conference

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