Outcome 2021. Product UX and Product Content Strategy, for Product Success

In Outcome 2019, we discussed UX for narrative. 

In Outcome 2020, we discussed UX more from design leadership, CX, and its role and impact. So far, the core objective of Outcome conference has been to discuss the product UX from storytelling perspective.

Join us for the Outcome 2021 where we map our work directly to the bottom line, the product success. And we fairly understand and agree that our understanding of this bottom line is holistic and balanced, for the inclusive goals.

Outcome 2021 promises to resume the show virtually if not on a physical stage. You can join us from your living room!

The Organizers

If the speakers, the sponsors, and the participants are the face of Outcome, the vhite team is behind the scenes to lend the structure to this story. Vinish Garg is the founder of Outcome conference, and the conference is part of the Outcome programs (the 2020 calendar is put on hold because of the pandemic).

The conference is for

  • Product and project managers
  • UX and design practitioners
  • UI designers
  • Content strategists, content designers, UX writers
  • Startup founders
  • Programmers–who write code
  • Others involved in product design or engineering
  • Business analysts