In June 2018, I was about to buy a book on *content strategy and design*.

I read its reviews, added it to my Amazon cart, and it stayed there for a few days.

For $25~. It stayed there because it asked for 3-4 hours of my time. For my thoughts whether I will read it and digest it well enough? For its utility.

I knew it was a win-win to read it but I did not. I had no chance to *meet the author*, to *discuss it* with others over a coffee, to *question its message*.

I love books but this book demanded interactions, discussions, or even a workshop. It stayed in my cart. In November, I had a use-case when I felt the need of *having read this book*.

Now, when I am inviting registrations for my Product UX Design conference in Chandigarh, I sense the complexity in such decisions. Even if this conference is:

  • Totally an interactive experience as it invites meeting speakers, fellow participants, sponsors, and friends
  • A great chance to be in the community, and to use it as an extension of your personal brand
  • About identifying work and employment opportunities, to spot talent
  • A chance to collaborate for projects or for community work
  • Sharing lunch and tea/coffee with people who talk and live what you actually do all day

Certainly, it is a complex.

Come November. I will think again!

PS: I do not know what I did with that $25 that I saved.