Khurana uncle purchased a 10 marla (250 sq yards = 2250 sq feet) plot for Rs. 6500/- in Chandigarh’s best location, in 1950s.

They could get it because Chandigarh had no history, or brand. It means no baggage either. (Of course, we understand the rupee value comparison parameters but read on…)

Uncle only saw the promise.

All such families are part of the city’s history, and its map.

The 5000+ mango trees on the Purv Marg (along with industrial area Chandigarh) are planned for how the citizens give directions to its growth.


Nobody knows OUTCOME. There is no historyno brandOnly the promise.

It is NOT about pricing. It is about joining something without any pre-conceived notion, without baggage or framework.

4+ learning hours by industry experts in product UX design, plus many byte-sized conversations with fellow participations (while sharing lunch or coffee) may define how the 5000+ pixels should be placed along the Purv Marg of your work, or of your career.

Think about it.

Now, think again.

People may have raised eyebrows when the plan for Chandigarh was floated initially. But it worked.

No history. No brand. 5000+ pixels plot for Rs. 1400/-. For Your Own Purv Marg.

History and Brand of OUTCOME, a UX Design Conference in Chandigarh