Outcome Product UX Design Conference Chandigarh. Speaker is Vivek Atray

Vivek Atray

ex IAS, Motivational Leadership & EI Speaker

Vivek Atray, ex IAS, is a Motivational Speaker, Author, Mentor, Advisor, Columnist and Visiting Professor. He resigned from the Indian Administrative Service, IAS, in 2017. He has 8 TEDx Talks and 3 JOSH Talks. As Director IT he was the man behind the Chandigarh IT Park. He spearheaded the award-winning e-SAMPARK project. He was quoted by The New York Times and The Observer of UK during this period. He was Advisor KPMG & PwC on a 2 year sabbatical from Government.

Vivek's session details

Time: 03:00pm to 03:15pm

15 Minutes: Recognizing an Idea Whose Time has Come

Startups are generally founded by young people who have an exciting idea. Sometimes, by not to young people too! They all need right advice and recognition of the potential of their idea and their approach to work on that idea. The leaders with the knack of spotting talent will never fail to step in for that idea if its time has come, to shape its brand story.

Join me for this quick 15-minutes talk, at the Outcome 2020.