Outcome Product UX Design Conference Chandigarh. Speaker is Sumit Rampal

Sumit Rampal

Design and Digital Director, Express KCS

Creative Director, Pixel Pusher, UX Evangelist, Coffee Lover and an Overall Nice Guy :). Have been building and mentoring Creative teams for the last 14 years.

Sumit's session details

Time: 11:45am to 12:30pm

The 3 Key Principles of Creative Leadership

In my 14 years of me leading teams of various sizes, I faced obstacles on how I can create effective and scalable creative teams without losing the core values that I or the other leaders had set for quality and consistency. It is very easy to acquire the designation of a leadership position but very hard to take the team to the next levels effortlessly. 

Leaders play such an important role in designing all experiences for the brand narrative, I will give you a framework of how you can do that at the Outcome 2020.

Sumit Rampal answers...

What makes you so happy about the work that you are doing?
The thing that has always given me happiness is the opportunity to create and mentor teams from scratch. During my time working with different IT companies, startups and agencies, I was always given the task to build teams or expand the existing teams fast. And I find this challenge of setting up teams gives me the joy most.
Since you are talking about *creative leadership*, what made you work on this framework for creative leadership? If there is a failure story behind it, would you share it?

The story behind this talk is not very dramatic. Around 2 years back, we had an internal initiative to cover our cafeteria wall with murals done by the different teams of employees. 

I always wanted to dirty up the walls legally, so I also became a part of this project. I wanted to create a mural which was more than just a drawing or doodle. So I thought a drawing (collection of doodles, really) to articulate how to lead teams effectively would be a good one. After I saw the result, I knew I had something to share with a larger group.

Sumit Rampal speaking at the Outcome 2020, a ux narrative design conference in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg.
What is the dream project in the world where you want to get involved in? 

My dream project is somehow working with John Maeda‘s team. I have been following his writings and work ever since I read ‘The Laws of Simplicity’.

What made you pitch to speak at the Outcome?

I have been part of Outcome since its first conference in 2019, and I was there at the 8Knorks dinner last year. Over this time, having interacted with a vibrant group of individuals who are keen to learn new things, I felt comfortable that this is the right platform to talk and share my ideas.

if you get a chance to have lunch with one individual (industry expert, leader) in your favorite restaurant in your favorite city, whom will you pick, and why, and for which restaurant?

Though not an expert from our industry, I would like to have lunch with Andy Puddicombe, the founder of Headspace. Over the past year or so, Andy’s voice has helped me to meditate more regularly and helped me become more mindful than ever. I want to sit with him in a beach restaurant in Goa and would love to learn from him more about mindfulness over the sounds of the waves in the background.