Outcome Product UX Design Conference Chandigarh. Speaker is Harjeet S Gulati

Harjeet S. Gulati

CEO, MilliPixels Interactive LLP

With a career spanning 22 years, Harjeet has been at the forefront of the user experience revolution, helping clients worldwide adapt, build, and grow their businesses. From startups to global corporations like Google and McGraw-Hill, Harjeet has worn many hats, and well – Entrepreneur, User Experience Specialist, Consultant, Photographer, Traveller, CEO!

Harjeet's session details

Time: 09:45am to 10:30am

Designing Stellar User Experiences that Combine Human Imagination and AI

Introduction: AI and UX share the same goal of using data and a deeper understanding of user needs to drive better outcomes. Interleaved with human imagination, AI-enabled experiences have the potential to transform lives at a pace and scale never seen before. This session seeks to provide a multi-dimensional view to this emerging landscape for UX practitioners to use AI in delivering digital solutions that expand the limits of what’s possible. 


In a world where the strongest of brands can be undermined by an upstart, a deeper understanding of how machine-learning empowered artificial intelligence initiatives can change the landscape is an absolute must.

Where most people struggle to think of AI going anywhere beyond Chatbots, smart UX practitioners are using data-driven decision-making to build better connections with their end-users, build trust, and demonstrate their ability to think smart, think fast and deliver results. Contrary to popular perception, AI isn’t supplanting human imagination. It’s just redefining the contours of what we consider achievable, reducing cognitive load, removing bias and tailoring digital offerings to the needs of information consumers at a pace and scale never seen before.

This session seeks to explore the contours of an AI-enabled UX strategy to help practitioners build stronger human connections.