Outcome Product UX Design Conference Chandigarh. Speaker is Dobrian Dobrev

Dobrian Dobrev

UX Lead for Coca-Cola IT (EMEA)

Dobrian Dobrev is a UX designer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is currently working as the UX Lead for the Coca-Cola EMEA IT Marketing team. Dobrian was nominated for the ux-design-awards.com in 2017, has been a UX Mentor for the first-ever organized WebVR Incubator, has hosted lectures & masterclasses at WUC 2019, UX Istanbul 2019, UX Sofia 2017, UXify 2016, and is a published author on Medium.

Dobrian's session details

Time: 12:30pm to 01:15pm

Designing Immersive Digital Stories - For AR, VR, MR

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technology allows us to immerse and experience the world beyond physicality or material objects. We achieve freedom by dematerializing experiences and interactions between people and objects. We are free to go places we couldn’t go before, meet people we couldn’t meet, witness an event which deemed impossible to experience, overcome constraints a medical condition could have brought. 

As designers, we are currently faced with the challenge of bringing our skillset to the physical world. This talk showcases some techniques and resources when it comes to prototyping an immersive experience. We will also touch on how to structure and communicate Information Architecture within a spatial environment, as well as how to validate a VR/AR/MR prototype.

Your takeaways:

  • Understand how to differentiate between designing a digital interface and a spatial interface (AR/VR/MR)
  • Learn how to tell an immersive story for an experience that spans across the physical and digital world
  • Translate this story into an interactive prototype that can be validated with potential users or stakeholders

Dobrian Dobrev answers...

What makes you so happy about the work that you are doing?
Designing an experience for someone intends for a deep understanding & appreciation towards users, and what their specific challenge is. I’d say I am happy to do something I feel so passionate about and call it a career.
Since you are talking about “Stories for Immersive Experiences”, what excites you about immersive experiences? How did it start?
Storytelling is the most vital aspect of any design. Everyone likes and knows stories, we’ve been hearing them ever since we were children. The whole history of mankind is based on stories. A story provides context, it makes you feel engaged, it can immerse you. And I find that AR/VR/MR technology provides us with a medium that will literally change the way we tell and experience stories.
What is the dream project in the world where you want to get involved in? 
I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint a dream project, but I would definitely love to work on designing an experience that could help people with motor and cognitive impairments (in particular people suffering from stroke-related impairments).
What made you pitch to speak at the Outcome?

I am in love with the idea of:

  • Visiting Chandigarh, a milestone of Independent India, and an architectural milestone designed by Le Corbusier
  • Meeting peers from one of the world’s most dynamic tech & UX community
  • Visiting the country where my brother’s fiancee is from 🙂
if you get a chance to have lunch with one individual (industry expert, leader) in your favorite restaurant in your favorite city, whom will you pick, and why, and for which restaurant?
I think my answer would always be Don Norman. The why & where – I leave for interpretation 🙂