Outcome 2020 promises to bring together people and teams who design products and digital experiences.

UX as a discipline is so diverse that people with different skills and capabilities work in the product UX team. While folks in the UX industry have started raising their voice for storytelling (Examples – Sequoia’s James Buckhouse on the role of story in experience design and 6 storytelling principles to improve your UX) in the design process, the practice is yet to catch up.

The core objective of Outcome conference is to understand the product design from storytelling perspective.

Contact us at outcomeconf (at) gmail (dot) com for any questions.

The Organizers

If the speakers, the sponsors, and the participants are the face of Outcome, the vhite team is behind the scenes to lend the structure to this story.

Vinish Garg is the founder of Outcome conference, and the conference is part of the Outcome programs. See all Outcome events and programs for the year 2020.

Outcome events and programs on UX narrative design in 2020, by Vinish Garg.

Vinish Garg has extensively spoken, written, and discussed the products for customer experience, UX and design, and content-driven design investments. Check out his Medium publication, Teodora Petkova interviews Vinish Garg, brand narrative, design for sales, content value is design value.

The conference is for:

  • UX practitioners (UX researchers, architects, analysts, designers)–who design interactions and experiences
  • UI designers–who design the interface
  • Product managers–who lead product teams
  • Content strategists and content designers
  • Startups (product owners)–who are at any stage of their product–idea, prototyping, traction, and expansion
  • Programmers–who write code
  • Others involved in product design or engineering

Flying for Outcome?

If you are flying for the Outcome, why not take a minute to understand the climate impact of your flights?

AirCare, for Outcome conference 2020, see the impact of flying to the UX design conference in Chandigarh.


SPIC Centre, Plot No. 20, EDC Building, RG Technology Park, Chandigarh