The Republic of OUTCOME

26 January. India.

Indian Republic Day. Being a republic gives us the choice to govern ourselves as a citizen of India. It gives us fundamental rights. To realize how important it is, see a few countries that are not a republic. 26 January 2019 is India’s 70th Republic day.

OUTCOME is committed to the way our work empowers all and transforms people and their decisions and lives. When at work, do we govern ourselves well? Do we enjoy our fundamental rights? 

How about committing to The Republic of OUTCOME! For a commitment to self-governance to deliver for common good?

 The Republic of OUTCOME

The Preamble

We, the forces inside me, having solemnly resolved to contribute in my role as a Neutral, Committed, Learning, Customer Advocate, Brand Advocate, Impartial, to secure the interest of ALL stakeholders involved.

Experience: Customers, Brand, Employees, Public

ROI: Customers, Organization

Fairness: Accessibility and Inclusion

Neutral: Married only to the product, NOT to the founders, NOT to team, NOT to the audience, and NOR to any governance

On this day of 26th day of January, 2019

do hereby adopt, and commit myself to The Republic of OUTCOME.


To Question

Founders: Why do you invest in this product? Why do you think you are right?

Supervisors: Why we should follow founders’ instructions? Why not question them? Why are they right? And why I should assume that you are right?

Technology: Whom are we designing for?

To Ensure

We Empower Customers and Community

We address Economics Viability for Organization

We Clear Technical Debt, and we Quit Creating Such Debt

To Learn and Educate

By Traveling to Conferences or Hosting Conferences

By Hosting Guests for Interviews

By Volunteering or Contributions to Opensource Projects

To Practice

Practice Compassion

Practice Self-Governance

Primary Sources

UX Design, Project Management, and Product Development experiences shared by mature teams in Shopify, Facebook, InVision, Intercom, Airbnb, and some amazing insights shared on First Round Review, Tomasz Tunguz, A List Apart, Facebook Groups, and Slack Channels.

Secondary Source

Let OUTCOME be a mention by choice.

The Three Institutions

Collaboration: With all, for common good, for common goals

Designing: Operations with shared understanding

Validations: Governance in defined framework

Schedules (shared)

Design Library, Design Manual, Design References, Content is an extension of brand narrative

Forces (regulated)

Design architecture, Design for empowerment, Our kids will love us for our work

PS: This is a living statement and it should evolve with time. As on 26 January 2019.