Abhay Vohra

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Abhay Vohra

Program Manager - UX

Abhay Vohra is the Program Vohra – UX, with Net Solutions, Chandigarh. Over the course of a twenty-year career, I have taken on varied roles – from software quality assurance to business analyst to user experience – across the spectrum of the software lifecycle.

In my current company, I have practiced Information Architecture, Interaction Design and Lean UX as a iterative requirements discovery and validation tool. I have excelled in is crafting digital product and service experiences that help enterprises align strategy to customer journeys and drive innovation. Now, consulting with Enterprises customers I evangelize UX\CX for understanding customer journeys and identifying opportunities that drive digital transformation.

Session by Abhay Vohra

Working Backwards: why you should start from the outcome and work backwards

In Product design, we typically think out features and not outcomes. In this talk we will explain why this approach doesn’t work and why you should start from outcomes and work backwards.

Product development follows the design, build, test cycle. The focus is on building feature-rich products in an Agile manner and getting them to customers ASAP. But in this rush sometimes we lose focus on what was the intent of the product in the first place. This talk will present an approach wherein we start from customer outcomes and work backwards to achieve that outcome.