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Working Backwards: Why You Should Start From The Outcome And Work Backwards – by Abhay Vohra

In Product design, we typically think out features and not outcomes. In this talk we will explain why this approach doesn’t work and why you should start from outcomes and work backwards.

Product development follows the design, build, test cycle. The focus is on building feature-rich products in an Agile manner and getting them to customers ASAP. But in this rush sometimes we lose focus on what was the intent of the product in the first place. This talk will present an approach wherein we start from customer outcomes and work backwards to achieve that outcome.

User Research | Yes, No, May Be – by Rajesh Khurana

Myths and Facts About Usability Testing: All About User Testing: Why is it Necessary to Conduct Usability Testing. Return of Investment for Usability Testing.

Psychology And User Experience – Alok Diwan

How big product companies implement psychology to shape our decisions

  • Bell icon – How it is linked to dopamine
  • Heart icon – How it increased likes for twitter
  • Prospect theory – How it is connected to Uber’s price surge
  • Auschwitz – How it is connected to e-commerce websites.

Fontology: The Role Of Typograph In UX – by Bhavish Sood

Fonts and Typeform has largely been ignored during UI/UX design phase. Most designers do not know the difference between Sans Serif or Serif fonts nor do they care. In this tutorial style presentation we teach budding designers how to build a taste for fonts!


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