Product UX and content strategy conference, the Outcome 2021 in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg.

OUTCOME 2021. Products.

Product Content Strategy and UX for Product Success. 12 Feb. 2021

Outcome 2021

UX and product content strategy that scales for the product success

User research. Design systems. Taxonomy and architecture. Customer success. Business goals. Onboarding. Dark patterns. Churn rate. 

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Yes, you can join us from your living room.

Call for speakers

The call for speakers for Outcome 2021 is open now. 

Anything in our work that delights us, challenges us, troubles us, or moves us, can be a good education for so many people. They are looking forward to know the stories. You are welcome to send a proposal, and be a part of those who stand for ‘product success’.

Our speakers from Outcome 2020

Outcome 2020 was almost everything that we could wish for (more sponsors would have certainly helped though). Meet a few speakers who delighted us on 08 February 2020 in Chandigarh.

When and where?

Outcome 2021 is coming to you on 12 February, a Friday.

As of today, Outcome 2021 is scheduled to be in the EDC Building, IT Park, Chandigarh, with at least a couple of sessions being hosted virtually that you can see online. However, if the current pandemic scenario extends for a couple of months, we might make Outcome as a completely virtual event.

In either case, you will continue to get timely updates.

Send us your proposal to speak at the Outcome 2021.

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