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Free Pass for Members

Join us at the Outcome 2020 on 08 February 2020. The Outcome members get a free pass to the Outcome 2020. If you are not a member, join us for a free pass to all the Outcome events and programs in the year 2020, plus a host of additional benefits. Be an Outcome member

Ticket for Non-Members

The non-members can register for the conference now. The tickets open for an early bird price, and here are the details for each ticket type.

Ticket type


Early bird (till 24 Dec 2019)

INR 2400 (save 25%)

Regular price (25 Dec. to 07 Feb. 2020)

INR 3200

Onsite price (conference day)

INR 4000

Group Discounts (save 25%): These are valid for all ticket types. Registration for 4 tickets includes one free ticket. For example, if you register for 4 individuals today for early bird tickets, you pay for 3 tickets only, that is INR 7200 and not INR 9600 (save 25%). 

Your Ticket Includes

  • Minimum of 6 totally immersive talks that are directly related to our work. If you see the program, look at the variety of sessions.
  • What it means: To understand how some of the world’s best and mature product teams might be doing products for strategy, research, design, engineering, onboarding, sales, or growth. If this does not interest you, just think what interests you!
  • Opportunity to meet the speakers and have direct Q&A, share work experiences and life lessons.
  • Opportunity to generate leads if you own a business.
  • Opportunity to find talent (for employers and managers), or to find positions if you are seeking a job change (for anyone)
  • Lunch (means lunch and NOT snacks)
  • Plus tea/coffee breaks THREE times
  • CoC in place as we are committed to a safe and memorable conference experience
  • Sponsors showcase their work, this is another parallel funnel to learn and add to your awareness; who knows what clicks where
  • A chance to win the ticket cost by one of our contests (see example)
  • A chance to get noticed in the conference videos (and mention in your resumes that you learned something to elevate your work practices)
  • A chance to make new friends (an example)

More reasons depends on what you seek in such a conference

And more…

  • A chance to take the Outcome brand forward. We are more mature in 2020 when compared to how we started in 2019, and you will get special mention when we are doing it in 2021
  • A chance to handover conference certificate or trophy to speakers, sponsors, and other contributors
  • We will have a complete and live video recording of each session in 2020; something we did not do in 2019.

Code of Conduct

Outcome has a Code of Conduct for your reference to the conference experience. I am so proud to share the best thing about our first conference in Feb 2019, it was the all-inclusive experience during the talks, the lunch hour, and the breaks. And all our sessions were well-structured to start and end exactly in time for the schedule.

Get Your Tickets Today at Early Bird Price

Direct Transfer to Bank

You have an option to pay direct to the bank account and share the transaction ID to confirm your tickets. Use the following details to pay to the bank and then register here for the Outcome conference.

Vinish Garg
ICICI Bank, Sector 9 Chandigarh
a/c 001301552582
IFSC: ICIC0000013

Special Discounts and Promotions

Outcome offers special 10% discount to students. If you are studying any university program at any level, write to me at vinishjg (at) gmail (dot) com to avail the discount. We plan to run specific promotions such as for a single day, or a contest (see an example from Outcome 2019). Join our mailing list to know about such promotions and discounts.

It must be a Rahul’s birthday or an Anajli’s birthday today.

As I was planning to buy a birthday present for a friend’s birthday next week, the thoughts of “What should I get that can actually delight them?” chased me for a while.

A tie? Electric shaver? An app subscription?
Something special, and memorable?

If you have a Rahul or an Anajli in your network who have a birthday in the dates 19-21 December 2019 (on any of these three days), here is my gift for you.

Get a flat 50% discount on the Outcome ticket. Use the code BDAY50.

Yes, the original ticket that is actually priced at INR 3200/- from 25 December onwards, and is currently priced at INR 2400/- for early bird price. Get it for INR 1200/-.

How it works? You purchase the ticket in the name of the person who has their birthday on either of these three dates (19-21 Dec 2019), whether you buy it for yourself or for a gift purpose. You apply the promo code and get the 50% discount right away, valid for these three days. That person gets an entry into the Outcome 2020.

This is a special offer for two days only – 30-31 Dec 2019. If you buy a ticket, you get another ticket absolutely free. There are no strings attached, just buy a ticket and share the price with someone else in your office or in network. 

The deal closes tomorrow, on 31 Dec 2019. It is your call now.

Take a selfie that also shows your work screen. For example, it can be from a todo list, a screen that shows a design, or in Slack, or a CMS. See an example below.

Workelfy: A selfie content for Outcome, a UX narrative design conference in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg.
Share the picture as a comment on this LinkedIn post, or on this tweet, and answer this question – “I may (or may not) attend the Outcome conference because…”.
The best answer gets a straight 50% discount on the Outcome ticket. The second best answer gets a 25% discount on the ticket. 
  • The contest is live now and it closes on 14 Jan 2020.
  • The discounts are valid only for one ticket.
  • The person who shares the workelfy is eligible to purchase the ticket; you cannot transfer it to someone else.
  • You cannot club this discounted ticket in a group discount, or any other discount, coupon, or contest that I may plan in future for this conference.
  • I reserve the rights to select the winners and it cannot be challenged by anyone, under any circumstances. 
  • Your participation in the contest means you have read these terms and you agree to these.

For anyone who buys a ticket from 24 January to 31 Jan 2020, I offer a 100% refund if you are not happy with the conference experience.

No questions will be asked, no feedback form. Just be there at the conference for full day. Write to me anytime either on the same day or a later day that you want the ticket money back, and I will refund the 100% amount that you had spent on the ticket.

You do not need a ticketbazaar portal to decide where there is a value in the deal. Just buy your ticket anytime before 31 January, attend the conference and later you can claim a 100% refund WITHOUT any questions being asked.

Flying for Outcome?

If you are flying for the Outcome, why not take a minute to understand the climate impact of your flights?

AirCare, for Outcome conference 2020, see the impact of flying to the UX design conference in Chandigarh.

This was Outcome 2019. Be a part of Outcome 2020.