Sumit Rampal

Outcome Product UX Design Conference Chandigarh. Speaker is Sumit Rampal

Sumit Rampal

Design and Digital Director, Express KCS

Creative Director, Pixel Pusher, UX Evangelist, Coffee Lover and an Overall Nice Guy :). Have been building and mentoring Creative teams for the last 14 years.

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Time: To be announced

The 3 Key Principles of Creative Leadership

In my 14 years of me leading teams of various sizes, I faced obstacles on how I can create effective and scalable creative teams without losing the core values that I or the other leaders had set for quality and consistency. It is very easy to acquire the designation of a leadership position but very hard to take the team to the next levels effortlessly. 

Leaders play such an important role in designing all experiences for the brand narrative, I will give you a framework of how you can do that at the Outcome 2020.