Simone Ehrlich

Outcome Product UX Design Conference Chandigarh. Speaker is Simone Ehrlich

Simone Ehrlich

Manager, Content Strategy, Workday

Simone Ehrlich is the Manager of Content Strategy for Workday Design and formerly a Content Manager at Amazon. She leads a team of content strategists that is transforming how Workday creates enterprise applications by making content an integral part of the design process. She is also a leader of the UX Center of Excellence, which provides direction and strategy for Workday’s Design organization.

Simone's session details

Time: 10:30am to 11:15am

Show, Don’t Tell: Align through Vision Stories

Introduction: Go beyond the vision statement. Workday Design’s Simone Ehrlich will share a new take on the vision story–the narrative that brings the user’s experience of the product to life. Attend this session to learn how creating a strong vision story can help teams to create products that forge an emotional connection with the user.


20/20 vision is rare. At least, rarely can we maintain it in product design. Even with multiple tools–vision statements, jobs to be done, user journeys, and more, the vision can slip out of focus as priorities shift and scope gets cut. With a vision story, we weave a narrative that brings the user’s experience of the product, and their emotional connection to it, to life. We show, instead of tell, what we should create and why. 

At Workday, we’re using Content Early methods like vision stories to design with words. This lo-fi approach aligns teams and stakeholders and keeps the vision in focus throughout the design process.

Attend this session with Workday’s Simone Ehrlich and discover how to leverage vision stories for better design outcomes.

Your takeaways

  • When you need a vision story
  • How to create one
  • How to ensure that what you ship fulfills the vision