Adi Shanbhag

Outcome Product UX Design Conference Chandigarh. Speaker is Adi Shanbhag

Adi Shanbhag

UX Architect, ICF Next

Adi is a User Experience Architect at ICF Next in Fairfax, VA. As a UX Strategist and Designer, he helps the country’s top government organizations embed user-centric and design thinking practices in their product development processes to create enriching experiences for their products. He specializes in building scalable design systems for companies in the product and consulting space.

Adi's session details

Time: To be decided

Building Design Systems Across Organizations

Introduction: Building design systems is tricky when products, and their product owners are spread across different teams, across different organizations. This talk will touch on the technical aspects of a design system. We will then delve into the approach of getting buy-in from stakeholders, educating them on the different building blocks, collaboratively making decisions and setting standards for UX and dev. Details Adi Shanbhag will share their strategy and approach on getting buy-in from stakeholders collaborating and engaging with product owners of different products to weed out existing inconsistencies and building a homogeneous, consistent experience for all products. Translating design to code Tools and techniques used to build the system, Adi plans to structure this talk into four topics that will touch on:
  • What makes this system special and different from other design systems
  • Our approach and strategy for building this document and we had to adapt on the go based on the feedback from the first few meetings
  • The tools we used and stakeholders involved
  • Communicating the standards to devs and product owners and making sure they the proposed changes find their way in the system