Time to test our creative genius!

I am so excited to announce this OUTCOME – Selfie Caption Contest.

First things first, contest rules:

  • Valid only for registrations that happen from today (07 Feb) onwards, including for on-the-spot registrations on 09 Feb
  • One participant can send at most 2 entries (3rd and all other entries are not eligible)
  • Conference organizers, speakers, and volunteers cannot participate

What You Need to Do:

  • Click a selfie when you are there, during a break, or in a session (more creative, better it is for a winning chance)
  • Whatsapp the entry to me at 9855063463, with an answer to this question in NOT MORE THAN 10 words – “How will I use my OUTCOME experience in my work?”

Note: Entries without selfie or without the answer are not eligible.

The wittiest, clever, and creative entry wins a coupon worth Rs. 500/-. Yes, it can be from Big Bazaar, Shoppers Store, or an eatery outlet. We will give you a Rs. 500/- coupon to redeem at any of these stores.

Here is an example: Example 1

PS: It is not about you – or a Raghu or Sarika. It is about our own personal gains in our work.

Selfie Caption Contest: OUTCOME, a UX Design Conference in Chandigarh


A quick question to get your contest muscles rolling on: What is a UX Designer’s Airbnb?

Here is the answer! 🙂

No To Forget: 

In all cases, OUTCOME stays committed to its original value for:

  • Totally an interactive experience as it invites meeting 4+ speakers, fellow participants, sponsors, and friends
  • Learning the Ins and Outs of Product UX Design (Imagine how frequently it happens in Chandigarh)
  • A great chance to be in the community, and to use it as an extension of your personal brand
  • About identifying work and employment opportunities, to spot talent
  • A chance to collaborate for projects or for community work
  • Sharing lunch and tea/coffee with people who talk and live what you actually do all day