Outcome Product UX Design Conference, Chandigarh. by Vinish Garg

OUTCOME 2020. UX for Narrative Design

08 February 2020. Chandigarh

Products Mindset to Design for Scale. For the Narrative.

February 2020.

The Outcome 2019 Speakers

Outcome 2020

UX that scales for narrative

User research. Design systems. Taxonomy and architecture. Brand voice. Customer success. Business goals. Onboarding. Dark patterns. Churn rate. 

UX shapes. Together we can shape it and share it better. Read the Outcome story on Medium.

08 February 2020. UX Conference. Chandigarh

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This program shows some examples of sessions for general reference. Our call for speakers is open, submit your proposal today.


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5+ Speakers

Talking about UX, design, product experience

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